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Shout-out to Spring Research Day Scholars, Dr. Moss, and Faculty Mentors!

45 student presenters representing 13 different disciplines presented in Payden lobby over the past week.

Payden lobby came alive, once again, last week, with posters showcasing the amazing undergraduate research work of our ever expanding group of student researchers. Please join me in congratulating our Spring Research Day (SRD) Scholars, our energetic Clare Boothe Luce Associate Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Patrice Moss, our creative STEM faculty, and colleagues and all faculty mentors from various other disciplines. Dr. Moss envisioned SRD back in 2015 and since then she has led the planning, organization and implementation of the event. Yes, this is the 9th Annual Spring Research Day at Trinity!

“Spring Research Day is a staple and tradition here at Trinity,” writesDr. Patrice Moss.

“The first Spring Research Day took place in Main Hall in 2015. The original cast of characters at this inaugural event only included STEM students who were presenting their summer undergraduate research. However, very soon after the inaugural event, Spring Research Day became a platform for ALL disciplines to present their great works and scholarship and that tradition continues today!”

“We thank and recognize all of the students who confidently and professionally presented their work this year. We also acknowledge the work and encouragement of the faculty mentors and collective Trinity community.”

This year, we had 45 student presenters representing 13 different disciplines, including Bioengineering, Global Affairs, and Psychology!

Our guest speaker was Dr. Ashley Robertson Preston, an author, curator, and Assistant Professor of History at Howard University. She gave an empowering talk on the “Creating Research that Resonates.”

Dr. Ashley Robertson Preston is an author, curator, and Assistant Professor of History at Howard University. Her past positions include serving as director of the Mary McLeod Bethune FoundationNational Historic Landmark at Bethune-Cookman University while she also was an archives technician for the National Archives for Black Women’s History at the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House-National Historic Site. She is the author of Mary McLeod Bethune in Florida: Bringing Social Justice to the Sunshine State which examines how the educator rose to prominence while fighting for equality at the height or racial unrest in the state. Dr. Preston’s second book Mary McLeod Bethune the Pan-Africanist, published with the University Press of Florida, examines the international activism of Bethune. She has published articles in the Journal of Negro Education, Journal of Black Studies and Journal of African American History. Dr. Preston’s research interests focus on the activism of Black women during the early twentieth century and the ways in which they uplifted their communities, created institutions, and stood against systemic racism. In addition to her work as a historian she is also the founder of the nonprofit Carter G. Cares. Inspired by her son, who was born prematurely at 28 weeks, the organization raises awareness and provides support for NICU families and high-risk mothers.

And this time, Dr. Moss and her faculty colleagues expanded the activities and offered them over a week – the Spring Research Week!

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