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Dr. Jamey Piland

Associate Professor of Communication


Courses Taught

COM 110 Communication for Academic Success
COM 201 Interpersonal Communication
COM 225 Intercultural Communication
COM 290 Public Speaking
COM 315 Management Communication
COM 360 Small Group Communication
COM 375 Conflict and Communication


  • B.A., Rhetoric & Communication, California State University, Fresno
  • M.A., Interpersonal Communication, University of Montana
  • Ph.D., Rhetoric & Communication, University of Oregon


  • Personal and social relationships
  • Pedagogy for teaching gender & violence
  • Feminist pedagody for teaching learning communities, conflict and ADR

Select Works Published

  • The Role of Communication Scholars in Learning Community Initiatives in Spectra
    Piland, J. A., National Communication Association: Washington DC, 2011
  • Building a Just Community on a Colllege Campus in Comtemporary Justice Review
    Rader V, Piland, J., Pascarell, R., Taylor & Francis: New York, 2002


My teaching philosophy is based on two principles: active student learning should be grounded in student learning outcomes; and curricular assessment influences acquisition of knowledge.

My goal as a teacher is to create a student-centered learning environment that fosters critical thinking skills; facilitates the acquisition of competency in both oral and written communication; and pursues critical thought beyond the confines of existing knowledge to strive for a greater understanding of social justice, civic responsibilities and rhetorical obligations.