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Dr. Steven Gable

Associate Professor of Philosophy


Courses Taught

CRS 101 Critical Reading and Writing Seminar I
PHIL 103 Reasoning and Argumentation
PHIL 231 Current Issues: Social Political Phil
PHIL 235 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 237 Women and Philosophy
PHIL 241 Intro to Theoretical Ethics
PHIL 245 Ethics I
PHIL 253 Business & Professional Ethics
PHIL 351 Bioethics for Health Professionals


  • B.A., Philosophy, The Catholic University of America
  • M.A., Philosophy, The Catholic University of America
  • Ph.D., Philosophy, The Catholic University of America


  • The Philosophy of History (Speculative and Analytic)
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Death and Meaning
  • Historical Consciousness
  • Capitalism and Ethics


My goal as an educator is to introduce central philosophical concepts and invite critical thinking about them. I strive to create a stimulating classroom in which students are encouraged to present their positions about important issues. Whenever possible, I attempt to relate classroom discussion to current domestic and world events. I also enjoy presenting concepts within their relevant historical contexts. My assessment instruments include critical analyses and reflection essays that challenge students to explore and evaluate important ideas.