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Early College Academy/Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Trinity Washington University’s Dual Enrollment program allows students from all over the city to take college courses while in high school.  Students get an opportunity to earn both high school and college credit.  Our Dual Enrollment program also gives students a jumpstart.

Dual Enrollment has a positive impact on high school academics, high school graduation rates, college enrollment rates, college success, as well as the completion of college. Our Dual Enrollment program provides academic rigor that will help to ease the high school to college transition.

Contact Us

Hope Witherspoon
Director of Dual Enrollment and Early College Programs

Course Offerings

Trinity Washington University offers introductory level courses in the liberal arts.

Please see the SUMMER 2023-24 Dual Enrollment Course Handbook

Students that take Dual Enrollment classes: save money, they have more credits when they start college, and they may even finish college earlier than their peers. Research shows that students who participate in Dual Enrollment classes in high school had significantly higher cumulative grade point averages three years after high school graduation than their peers who did not participate in a Dual Enrollment program.

Trinity Washington University’s comprehensive Dual Enrollment Program provides support for each student who participates.

Session Dates

Dual Enrollment courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer sessions

Our Summer Dual Enrollment program is called Earn & Learn. Students who register for the Summer Youth Employment Program can be compensated for attending Dual Enrollment courses

Partner Highlights

We are proud partners with the following organizations and we strive to tailor our programs to our partner’s wants and needs.

  • Columbia Heights Educational Campus, DC Public Schools
  • IDEA Public Charter School
  • KIPP College Preparatory High School
  • Mckinley Technology High School
  • Office of the State Superintendent of Education

Advanced Technical Center

The Advanced Technical Center (ATC) is a part of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Reimagining High Schools initiative. It serves as a centralized program to provide career and technical education courses to District high school students to prepare them for high-wage, high-skill, and/or in-demand careers.

Trinity was the sole instructional partner for the ATC School Year (SY) 22/23, providing instructional services and support for the first set of courses in Cybersecurity (Fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Internetworking Technologies) and General Nursing (including Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology, and Nutrition & Wellness).

Students enrolled in the ATC courses earn both postsecondary and high school credit for approved ATC courses taken and passed with a minimum grade of “C-“ or better at Trinity. Grades and credit will be reported on both the student’s official postsecondary transcript and high school transcript.

General Nursing Program of Study

For the SY23/24, Trinity continues as the instructional partner for the ATC General Nursing program of study. This Health Science program follows course standards set by OSSE: a series of four courses which:

  • Build in depth and complexity overtime
  • Award one high school credit for each course successfully completed
  • Connect each course to postsecondary credit
  • Provide a pipeline to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Trinity.

The course sequence is as follows:

  • Principles of Health Science
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA – alternative iv level course)

Biotechnology Summer Intensive

For the last two years McKinley Technology High School students have taken an Introduction to Biology course as well as participated in a 6-week internship program that has been supported by the American Biotechnology Association.  McKinley Technology High School’s program is led by their founding Academy Director, Ms. Sherry Richardson.

Twenty McKinley Technology biotech students were selected for this year’s internship. Ten students were enrolled in the ABA Biotechnology Summer Intensive (BSI) program and ten students were enrolled in the ABA Biotechnology Bootcamp (BTBC) program. The Biotechnology Summer Intensive program is an accelerated internship; students take a BIOL-101 class taught by Trinity Washington University Professor, Dr. Patrice Nielson, in conjunction with the biotech training led by ABA’s Teaching Fellow, Dr. Elena Adjei. The Biotechnology Bootcamp program provides students with qualitative and quantitative research opportunities while developing their professional skills to promote future workplace success.