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Art History (Minor)

18 Credits  |   Main Campus

Explore the history of art and music and discover your creative processes with a minor in Fine Arts.

Art and music are an integral part of the liberal arts foundation offered by Trinity Washington University. The Fine Arts minor provides a unique program of study that enables students to explore their creativity through course offerings in art history, studio art, music, and dance. Through studying works of art, from various periods, students acquire historical consciousness and a basic understanding of visual analysis methods. Art electives provide an enriching experience for those majoring in several other disciplines, such as communication, history, English, business administration, and global affairs.

Our minor program enhances the application of artistic knowledge to any field. Studying fine arts in Washington, D.C., allows our students to explore a wide variety of world-class museums, art galleries, and many other cultural opportunities within the district.




What You’ll Learn

  • Creative Expression
  • Acquire Historical and Cultural Context
  • Hands-on-Experience in Studio Art
  • Creative Thinking and Analysis
  • Art Appreciation
  • Understanding Diverse Traditions

Local Internships

National Gallery of Art
The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
The Smithsonian Institution

Global Careers

  • Art Critic
  • Music Composer
  • Choreographer
  • Arts & Entertainment Reporter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer

Bachelor’s Degree

Fine Arts

Applying to the Art History (Minor) Program

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