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Jamileth Mendez

Jamileth Mendez ’23

Business Administration, B.A.

Chesapeake Conservation and Climate Corps


“Mendez, 22, a 2023 Trinity Washington University graduate, was matched with Edmonston, a historic Anacostia River port town with a strong environmental ethic. In college she co-founded the Sustainability Initiatives Club, and in her coursework, poster sessions and on panels, spoke out about problems in Chesapeake Bay restoration.  ‘One of the solutions I suggested was to get more individuals in the community, especially the minorities, involved in activities,’ Mendez said.

“Those values made Mendez, a first-generation Latina with roots in Mexico, a perfect fit for Edmonston, which is 60% Hispanic. Named ‘Environmental Program Manager’ and given an office in town hall, she hit the ground running. Just a month into the program, she’s already developed an ambitious, multi-project work plan with a focus on multi-cultural community outreach.

“One priority is a youth ‘green team’ that would meet twice a month. ‘I want to create a space where local youth can get together, online and in person, in activities like field trips, community cleanups, tree planting, getting engaged in what’s happening with the environment,’ she said, seeing herself as a role model and a collaborator with the town’s established green team. ‘At the end of the day, our generation is going to be the next environmental leaders, and we need to develop skills at an early age.'”

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