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Dr. Kendra Pleasant

Mathematics Instructional Specialist


Courses Taught

MATH 108 Finite Mathematics
ITEC 100 Introduction to Data Analytics


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Howard University
  • B.S., Professional Mathematics, North Carolina AT&T State University


  • Mathematics Education
  • Engaging Students in Mathematical Research

Select Works Published

  • Preserving Positive Integer Images of Matrices
    N. Hindman and K. Pleasant, New York Journal of Math, 2016
  • Preserving Integer Images of Matrices
    N. Hindman and K. Pleasant, Integers Proceedings,


My teaching philosophy is centered around culturally responsive teaching. I fully believe that students have a wealth of knowledge and know more about mathematics than they realize. So, I like to use my classes as an opportunity to tap into information students already have and show them how we can apply that information to the wonderful world of mathematics. Mathematics is all around us; if we make the right observations, we will notice it. I enforce these ideas by picking examples that are relevant to my students daily lives and personal interests. I want my students to see the beauty of this subject and appreciate it for all the things it can do.