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Dr. Hani Aladmaai

Program Director for Information Technology


Courses Taught

ITEC 110 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Colorado Technical University
  • M.A., Information Technology, Marymount University
  • B.A., Computer Science, Al Rafidain University


  • Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship

Select Works Published

  • Strategies for Integrating Big Data Analytics into Small to Medium Size Enterprises
    Hani Aladmaai, ProQuest, 2018


Teaching and mentoring represent significant opportunities to share experience and knowledge with others. It is a challenge that I take every year, semester, and day to assist and encourage knowledge seekers to break barriers and overcome obstacles toward their goals. It is the objective I set for every lecture to find the optimal way to attract minds and create unified understanding among an audience, regardless of how diverse this audience may be. It is a plan of transferring knowledge; while fostering critical thinking and learning skills acquisition, with an ultimate goal to prepare them for leadership, entrepreneurship, and real-life experience.