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Dr. Rashida Daye-Campbell

Director of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program (OTA-B)


Courses Taught

OTA 404 Professional Standards & Responsibilities II
OTA 438 Interventions & Tools Adult Phys Disab. Prct. Set
OTA 494 NBCOT Exam Prep and Bacc. Project Presentations
OTM 634 Interventions for Participation, Health


  • B.S., Occupational Therapy/Therapeutic Recreation, Howard University
  • M.A., Healthcare Administration, University of Maryland- College Park
  • OTD, Occupational Therapy, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions


My work as an occupational therapy educator lies in the need to prepare students to function effectively as health care professionals by fostering critical thinking and problem-solving strategies they can incorporate in their everyday lives. I want my students to be able to make connections with what they read or learn to what they actually see when treating patients in the community. I believe that education is an individual, unique, experience for every student, therefore it is important as a teacher to learn from your students and their ways to be successful and provide them with opportunities.