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Trinity Human Resources

Trinity: A Great Place to Work!

Trinity is committed to the welfare and development of its workforce through continuous (lifelong) learning, information sharing, and an equitable and safe work environment.  A list of current openings and employment opportunities can always be found online by clicking the link below.

Interested in Joining Trinity Team? View current openings here.

Students have so many options for employment right here on campus as they work toward their degrees!

Current Student Employment Opportunities

Strategic Goal

Consistent with the goals for enrollments, programmatic development and technological expectations, Trinity will hire, train, compensate, assess, support and retain faculty and staff at the levels necessary to meet the institutional goals.

Meet the HR Team!
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Employee Resources

Comprehensive benefit information, employee handbook & forms.

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Important Dates

Trinity Holiday schedule, Timeforce entry dates, monthly payroll schedule, and biweekly payroll schedule.

I am a new employee

New Employees

New to Trinity? Check out these resources!

Student Employment at Trinity

Trinity offers students many opportunities to work in a variety of positions throughout the campus. From working in the Library or the Trinity Center to assisting in the Development Office or the Admissions Office, a campus job is a great way for students to become more involved in the Trinity community and earn a steady income. Campus jobs are convenient because there is no commute and the hours are flexible.

Student employment is limited to a maximum of 15 hours per week. Trinity’s Human Resources Office maintains a listing of all student employment positions and helps students complete all of the required paperwork.

Trinity students who are awarded federal work study as part of their financial aid packages are given priority for campus jobs. After students who have been awarded work study have been hired into available jobs, Trinity students who have not been awarded work study will have an opportunity to be hired into remaining available jobs.

Students eligible for work study may use their award to work off campus at several community service placements.

Trinity Work-Study Program 2023-2024

Work-study employment is limited to a maximum of 10 hours per week for first-year students and up to 15 hours per week for upper-class students. Pay rates start at $17.00 per hour and students are paid on a bi-weekly basis. For more information, you may contact the Human Resources office which is located at 125 Michigan Avenue, NE, Main 134, Washington, DC 20017. Phone: 202-884-9121

To participate in the work-study program, you must go through the following process:

  • Email your resume and the hours that you are available to work in addition to your selected major to:
  • Obtain Student Work-Study Authorization Form from Enrollment Services.
  • Review work-study job listings on the Trinity website.
  • Apply for up to 2 positions.
  • The hiring manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.
  • Remember to take copies of your resume to the interview, along with the Student Work-Study Authorization Form to your interview.
  • If you are selected for the position, the hiring manager will sign your authorization form.
  • Bring your signed authorization form to the HR office, along with documents proving employment eligibility (for example, passport, permanent resident card or ID card/learner’s permit/driver’s license and social security card or Birth Certificate, etc.).

Read the Work Study and Student Employment Policy for more information.

Student Employment & Work Study

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Important Dates

Holiday Schedule

2024 Holiday Schedule

  • Monday, January 1st – New Year’s Day
  • Monday, January 15th – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Monday, February 19th – President’s Day
  • Friday, March 29th – Good Friday
  • Sunday, March 31st – Easter
  • Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, June 19th – Juneteenth
  • Thursday, July 4th – Independence Day
  • Monday, September 2nd – Labor Day
  • Monday, October 14th – Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • Wednesday, November 27th – Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Thursday, November 28th – Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, November 29th – Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Tuesday, December 24th – Christmas Holiday
  • Wednesday, December 25th – Christmas Day
  • Thursday, December 26th – Christmas Holiday
  • Wednesday, January 1st, 2025 -Happy New Year!

Payroll Schedule

Payroll Schedule – 2024

The following dates will be observed by the Business Office, Office of Human Resources, and Payroll: (Scheduled dates are subject to change based on operational requirements.)


Check Date Pay Period End

Leave Entered into Time Force^


01/29/24 01/31/24 01/19/24
02/29/24 02/29/24 02/16/24
03/29/24 03/31/24 03/22/24
04/29/24 04/30/24 04/19/24
05/29/24 05/31/24 05/17/24
06/28/24 06/30/24 06/21/24
07/29/24 07/31/24 07/19/24
08/29/24 08/31/24 08/16/24
09/27/24 09/30/24 09/20/24
10/29/24 10/31/24 10/18/24
11/29/24 11/30/24 11/22/24
12/13/24 12/31/24 12/06/24
  ^Leave should be entered as requested or as taken to better monitor leave. Dates represent due dates for all leave for that month to be entered into Time Force.


Check Date Pay Period End Time Reporting Due (11:00 am)
01/02/24 12/23/23 12/22/23 * by COB – early time due to Christmas Holiday
01/12/24 01/06/24 01/08/24
01/26/24 01/20/24 01/22/24
02/09/24 02/03/24 02/05/24
02/23/24 02/17/24 02/16/24 * by COB – early time due to Presidents’ Day Holiday
03/08/24 03/02/24 03/04/24
03/22/24 03/16/24 03/18/24
04/05/24 03/30/24 04/01/24
04/19/24 04/13/24 04/15/24
05/03/24 04/27/24 04/29/24
05/17/24 05/11/24 05/13/24
05/31/24 05/25/24 05/24/24 * by COB – early time due to Memorial Day Holiday
06/14/24 06/08/24 06/10/24
06/28/24 06/22/23 06/24/24
07/12/24 07/06/24 07/08/24
07/26/24 07/20/24 07/22/24
08/09/24 08/03/24 08/05/24
08/23/24 08/17/24 08/19/24
09/06/24 08/31/24 08/30/24 * by COB – early time due to Labor Day Holiday
09/20/24 09/14/24 09/16/24
10/04/24 09/28/24 09/30/24
10/18/24 10/12/24 10/14/24
11/01/24 10/26/24 10/28/24
11/15/24 11/09/24 11/11/24
11/29/24 11/23/24 11/22/24 * by COB – early time due to the Thanksgiving Holiday
12/13/24 12/07/24 12/09/24
01/02/25 12/21/24 12/20/24 * by COB – early time due to Christmas Holiday
*Early payroll run dates

New Employees

Before you start

Welcome to Trinity Washington University! We’re thrilled that you’re joining us. Before your first day, there are some things to know and do. Taking care of these items a head of time will make your first days with Trinity as smooth as possible.  

We’d like to start the onboarding process before your first day of employment. Please complete the paperwork in the links below before your first day. The documents are completed online and returned to HR automatically. When you click the link to the forms below, you will be asked to sign in. Please click Create New Account underneath the Log In button and follow the instructions. You may use your personal email for this process. If you encounter issues, please let us know and we will assist or you can complete a paper form when you’re in the office. 

Links to University policies are listed below and can be found on the Trinity website.  

You will also need to complete both Federal and State tax forms. Please complete these forms at home and bring printed copies of both forms to HR on your first day. (We will have blank forms available if you cannot print them out.) 

  • Federal Tax form: 
  • State Tax Form (click on link for the state that you live in): 

Please watch your personal email for an email ADP (our payroll company) asking you to set-up your online account. You can follow the link in that email to get your online account set-up. You will need access to ADP to view pay statements, enroll in benefits and access detailed benefit information.  

Lastly, Trinity needs official transcripts for each of your higher ed degrees. Please have the transcripts sent to Trinity via mail (Office of Human Resources, Trinity Washington University, 125 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017) or via email to at your earliest convenience. 

Your first day

You’ll spend your first morning at Trinity with the HR team to complete the onboarding process. Please plan to arrive at Trinity around 9:30 on your first day. If you are driving, please use the main entrance to the University and park in the traffic circle in front of Main Hall. You can tell the security guard you are here to fill out paperwork. When you come into Main Hall, please ask the security guard inside Main Hall to phone Human Resources to let us know you’ve arrived.  

The last bit of paperwork you’ll need to complete is the Federal I-9 form, Section 1 on your first day. This form establishes your employment eligibility to work in the United States. Please see the List of Acceptable Documents on the Employment Eligibility Verification Form for examples of documents that work for this form and bring them with you on your first day. It is very important that you bring your ID as this form must be completed within 3 days of your first day of work.  

Once the paperwork is complete, you’ll get a briefing on general policies as well as the benefit options that may be available to you. When we’ve finished with this, we’ll get your Trinity ID and get you off to your Supervisor so you can get start getting into your new position.  

Your first weeks

During the first couple weeks of your employment, you’ll want to make sure that you, 

  • Apply for parking permit, if driving to work 
  • Set-up ADP account access 
  • Enroll in benefits within 30 days if desired and eligible 
  • Sign up for Trinity’s 403(b) retirement plan  
  • Complete Trinity’s Cybersecurity Training 
  • Sign up for Trinity Alerts – text trinitydcalerts to 866-925-2949 on your cell phone and you will get instant alerts about Trinity’s status and directions in emergencies.  

Meet the Human Resources Office Team

The Office of Human Resources is located in the Main Building, Rooms 130-134 and 118. Our operating hours are Monday – Friday 8 am to 6 pm. We facilitate the attraction, recruitment, and retention of Trinity’s top talent! We are responsible for employee recruitment, payroll, salary and benefits administration, performance management, HR compliance, employee relations, work-study placements, and professional development for staff.

Tracey Prince Ross

Tracey Prince Ross, Executive Director or (202) 884-9126

Tracey Prince Ross is the Executive Director of Human Resources at Trinity Washington University. She has oversight of Human Resources, Payroll, and the Post Office. She is directly responsible for salary administration, HR compliance, performance management, employee relations, benefits administration, and professional development for staff.  She received her B.S. in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University and her M.B.A. in Management from Southeastern University. Tracey has 23 years of HR management experience in higher education. Prior to higher education, she was an Assistant Vice President at Bank of America. After a 15-year successful career in banking, specifically in the customer service, training and development, change management, and human resources departments, Tracey wanted to use her experience to satisfy her passion for mission-driven initiatives, and higher education was the perfect fit.  She has served as chapter president and other leadership roles in the local chapter of the College and University Professional Association of Human Resources (CUPA-HR) and currently serves on the board of the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington.

Hanan Adnan

Hanan Adnan, International Student Advisor, and HR Generalist  or (202) 884-9141

Hanan brings over 24 years of experience in higher education including over 14 years at Trinity Washington University. She has worked in a variety of positions including Academic Advisor, International Student Advisor, and Student Services.  As an international Student Advisor/Primary Designated School Official (PDSO), Hanan’s responsibilities include creating immigration documents for newly admitted international students, ensuring students registration with US immigration, advice relating to maintenance of status, work permissions, extensions, coordination of international student orientation, University compliance with federal immigration regulations, etc; She also serves as the HR Associate coordinating work-study placements and supporting the HR Office. Hanan brings a global perspective on education to Trinity.  She completed her primary and secondary education in Ethiopia, India, Kenya, and Egypt, respectively.  She then earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management and a Master of Business Administration Degree in Accounting from Southeastern University in Washington, DC. Hanan is fluent in English, Amharic, Harari and conversational in Arabic.

Michelle Burke

Michelle Burke, Associate Director of Human Resources for Benefits or (202) 884-9127

Michelle brings over ten years of HR experience to Trinity and is excited to be able to focus on benefits for Trinity faculty & staff. Most recently, Michelle was a Senior HR Generalist for a local government contracting company. Despite her title, she spent most of her time on employee benefits. Her goal is to demystify benefit plans, making sure that all participants understand and take full advantage of the plans in which they have enrolled. Michelle is a graduate of another all-women’s college, Mount Holyoke College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics. After spending the early part of her career on and around Capitol Hill, Michelle moved to the business world, working in marketing & public relations before finding her place in human resources.

Michele Thompson, Associate Director of Human Resources for Talent or (202) 884-9142

Michele partners with senior leadership and hiring managers to attract, hire and retain the most qualified diverse talent in continuing to further develop a culture where Trinity Washington University is a desired workplace. Michele leads and provides oversight in the development of recruitment and retention planning as a contributor to the achievement of Trinity’s strategic plans. Michele brings over 24 years of HR Talent experience across diverse industries to Trinity Washington University. She gained a significant amount of recruiting and talent acquisition experience as the Recruiting Manager at a prominent Washington, D.C. law firm followed by her experience as a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at a non-profit association. She received her Master’s Degree in Business Management with an Human Resources concentration from Central Michigan University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Bowie State University. If you wish to join a mission-driven dynamic team at Washington Trinity University and your experience and skills align with a posted position, please contact her.