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Want Great Classes? Register early!

Register Today to Get the Best Course Schedule in the Fall

Plan your course schedule with your academic advisor NOW for great opportunities! Registering early brings many benefits: choosing classes at times that work for you, ensuring enrollment in the prerequisite and major courses that keep you on track to graduate, and much more.  Good planning is your pathway to success!

Complete your registration through the Self-Service portal now!

  1. Log into Self-Service
  2. Navigate to “Registration,” select “Courses” from dropdown
  3. Click “Advanced Search,” change “Period” to Fall or Summer.

If you need help, please contact Enrollment Services or your academic advisor.

Why Register Early?

Navigating the path to graduation involves several crucial steps, and one of the most important is registering for your courses on time. Course registration it is the key to ensuring that you have access to the necessary classes to meet your degree requirements and graduate on schedule. Delayed or missed registration could set you back on your academic journey. 

Timely registration guarantees your spot in required courses, many of which have limited capacity and high demand. Waiting too long to register could mean missing out on these essential classes, forcing you to postpone them to later semesters. This not only extends your time in school but also could result in increased tuition costs and loss of momentum in your studies. 

Additionally, your course schedule influences more than just your academic life; it affects work, internships, and personal commitments. Late registration might leave you with a less than ideal schedule, making it difficult to balance these important aspects of your life.   

In essence, timely course registration is a critical step in your academic career, one that ensures you remain on track to achieving your educational goals and graduating on time. is the Center for Student Success is dedicated to your student success, providing you with the resources, advice, and support you need to navigate your Trinity journey effectively. Let’s work together to make your path to graduation smooth and successful. 

Complete your registration through the Self-Service portal now!

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