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AAUW Scholarship

For more than Three Decades, Trinity & AAUW Scholarship has helped Women Go Back and Finish College

The American Association of University Women’s (AAUW) scholarship has partnered with Trinity for more than 30 years to support women who have had a break in attendance between high school and college or in completing college requirements.

Trinity’s School of Professional Studies was designed to help women complete their undergraduate degrees after a break in education.  Many times, these women complete their education while working full-time jobs and raising children. Every September, The McLean AAUW Branch hosts a luncheon for the scholarship recipients.

Ms. Catherine Healy is Trinity’s 2023 recipient of the AAUW scholarship. Catherine is 49 years old and describes herself as a late bloomer. She is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.  After working in a daycare with toddlers for years, Catherine is excited to apply her new knowledge to her current work. Once she completes her BA in Early Childhood Education, she’d like to teach older children.

“The AAUW scholarship alleviates my stress and worry about finances, and allows me to concentrate fully on achieving my educational goals. I am grateful to have received this scholarship.” Catherine Healy

Juanita Cullen ’64 (right) is a member of the AAUW and serves as Trinity’s AAUW liaison.

For more information on the AAUW scholarship, visit our Trinity Scholarships page.

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