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Dr. Kimberly Monroe honored by Adidas for her work as a community organizer, author and scholar.

Dr. Kimberly Monroe, Assistant Professor, Global Affairs-History, was honored by Adidas for her work as a community organizer, author and scholar, recognizing her as an “Adidas Honoring Black Excellence Initiative Honoree and Mentor.” Grambling State University, where she earned her undergraduate degree, nominated Dr. Monroe. At the Grambling Homecoming, Adidas and the Honoring Black Excellence Initiative celebrated this award with a mural of her on Grambling’s campus; she also led Homecoming parade as Grand Marshal.

“Black excellence is how we collectively resist, love and survive,” said Dr. Monroe. “It is the freedom of being and the continuance of the black radical tradition.”

Adidas also supported Dr. Monroe’s initiative to create an online Community Curriculum to help others interested in activism and organizing. She presented her Community Curriculum during a workshop on Trinity’s campus in March. Following the workshop, she moderated a panel with Black women who have been successful working for Adidas and other professions.

“Congratulations, Dr. Monroe! This is fantastic and I am so proud of you,” said President Pat McGuire. “Your work on so many fronts is just exceptional and I am so grateful to you for all that you are doing.”