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Dr. Gladys Williams

Educational Administration Program Director


Courses Taught

EDAD 607 Cultural Diversity
EDAD 608 Teaching and Learning in a Trauma-Inform
EDAD 660 Internship I In Administration
EDAD 662 Internship III in Administration


  • Ed.D., Educational Administration and Policy Studies, The George Washington University

Select Works Published

  • Resources for Creating a Transgender Inclusive Classroom
    Steen, B. and Williams, G., ASCD InService blog, 2017


As a professional educator, I continue to believe that it is my responsibility to inspire and motivate students to develop a love for learning. I am committed to recognizing, respecting and teaching the whole student, moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar. With a focus on success for all students, I provide the support and encouragement that is designed to help them feel safe enough to take a risk at learning something new. I have high expectations for my students and for myself and provide evidence of this through my actions and through my words. I am energized by the changes that I see in students when they experience the feeling of success. I believe that there is no better role in life than that of being a teacher.