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Mr. Thomas Mostowy

Dean of the School of Professional Studies


Courses Taught

CJUS 100- Introduction Criminal Justice
CJUS 101- Criminal Law
CJUS 200- Corrections
CJUS 303- Inequality, Discrimination, and Gender in Criminal Justice
CJUS 309- Evidence
CJUS 341-Administrative Law
CJUS 344-Legal Decision Making: Theory and Challenges
CJUS 388-International and Domestic Terrorism
CJUS 444-Constitutional Law
CJUS 466-Community Policing


  • B.S., Newspaper Journalism / Political Science, Syracuse University
  • J.D., Law, George Washington University


  • Jurisprudence
  • Indigent Defense
  • Evidence Issues
  • History of the Law and Criminal Justice
  • Social Justice Issues


  • Board Member: DC-ICE (Inner City Excellence)

Select Works Published

  • Report of the Maryland Judiciary on De Novo Appeals From District top Circuit Court


I believe in the Socratic Method, whereby the teacher and students produce the learning together, not only by answering questions, but by questioning answers. Therefore, discussion, disagreement, analysis and argument about the issues presented in the text, lectures, videos and other materials presented in class is encouraged and required, while maintaining respect for the opinions of others. I employ current technology, creativity and imaginiation to make information accessible to as many learning styles as possible, and to connect classroon learning to current events. Students should be prepared to apply critical thinking skills to all the issues and opinions presented, especially their own.