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Dr. Diana Watts

Associate Professor of Business Administration


Courses Taught

BADM 110 Foundations of Management
BADM 210 Is Globalization Good?
BADM 236 Developing Leadership: Comp. 21st Org
BADM 328 Business, Govt & Society
BADM 330 Sustainability, Innovation & Entrepren.
BADM 426 Managing Change
BADM 499 Senior Seminar


  • M.A., International Affairs, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley


  • Women and Leadership
  • Globalization Issues: Pandemics, Food and Environmental Justice
  • Sustainable Business
  • STEM and Liberal Arts pedagogies

Select Works Published

  • Presentation: Municipal Food Surplus Recovery Strategies, Doing Good or Doing Well? A Preliminary Study of Baltimore, MD
    Watts, D., American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, 2019
  • Poster: Interdisciplinary Teaching in Action: Connecting the Dots between Business, Science, and Society
    Watts, D., AACU/ PKAL Regional Conference, 2014
  • Presentation: Systems and Sustainability: Designing an Undergraduate Business Curriculum
    Watts, D., International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology, 2014
  • Presentation: Millennials and Environmental Challenges: Why Undergraduate Business Education Matters
    Watts. D., American Association of Environmental Studies, 2014


My teaching is focused on preparing students for the 21st century! Whether you plan a future career in business, government, or nonprofits or intend to become an entrepreneur, you will need to think in holistic terms that encompass issues such as globalization, sustainability and social justice. My approach in the classroom is to help you recognize your own place as consumer, citizen and future professional. Systems thinking is the core paradigm. My starting point for each class is that learning is exciting and empowering.