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Dr. Elizabeth Child

Professor of English


Courses Taught

ENGL 107 English Composition
ENGL 211 Major British Writers I
ENGL 212 Major British Writers II
ENGL 220 African American Literature
ENGL 283 Stories and Their Writers
ENGL 299 HON:First-Year Honors Seminar
ENGL 310 Tales of Terror: Gothic Fiction and Film
ENGL 325 Works of Shakespeare
ENGL 380 History of the Novel
ENGL 399 Honors Sem: Trading Spaces
ENGL 434 Jane Austen and Her Influence
ENGL 451 Writers of the American South
ENGL 499 Senior Colloquium


  • B.A., English/French, University of Virginia
  • M.A., English, University of North Carolina
  • Ph.D., English, University of Maryland


  • History of the novel
  • Book history
  • Women's writing
  • Gothic literature
  • African-American literature
  • Curricular reform initiatives
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes


My teaching emphasizes the development and practice of critical thinking and writing skills, regardless of the course topic. Students present with a wide variety of learning styles, so teaching methods must be varied and attentive to individual student needs. My methods include class discussion, lecture, small group assignments and discussion, small group assignments and discussions, formal papers, informal reflection papers, journals, peer review, research, and oral presentations. Intellectual curiosity, respect for the ideas and feelings of others, seriousness of purpose, a good work ethic, and a passionate belief that through the study of literature we may discover the purpose and meaning of our lives: these are the values at the heart of my approach to teaching and learning.